The Football That Didn't Want To Be Kicked

April 17th, 2018

Imagine you were made to be kicked. What do you think of that idea? Every day you are lying around –in the dirt, in the grass, in the mud, on a street or next to a street. And you can’t do anything except wait to be kicked about by someone.


Of course, balls are meant to be kicked or thrown. And most balls love it. If you listen carefully during a match or a ball game, you can hear them say: „kick me, kick me“, „here I am“ or „choose me“. But not our ball. Instead it wanted to lie on the sidelines and watch the game. And what did it do to avoid being kicked? It used every little gust of wind to help it move away to avoid being kicked. The result was that the ball never went  in the direction it was meant to. When a ball was needed for a match, the players didn’t choose our ball because they thought it was too tricky to play with.


But, one day there was a football tournament in the ball‘s home town. All the balls were so excited and tried to make the best impression. The balls tried to look powerful and strong and of course perfectly round. Only our ball tried to look a bit feeble so that the players would choose the other balls. Unfortunately a lot of balls were damaged during the long tournament so when it came to the final match, our ball had no choice but to come into the game. Every other ball would have been so proud – but our ball rolled under a bush and tried to hide. But no chance of that– it was eventually found and had to come into play.


Our ball was in the game for just two minutes, when it used its old trick again. The player didn’t manage to kick the ball properly and it veered off and flew straight into the supporters‘ stands  – into the arms of a little boy. The happy little boy refused to give the ball back and ran home. He was so happy that he had caught such a wonderful souvenir from the final match that he carefully chose a place of honour for our ball in his bedroom. The proud little boy placed it right in the middle of his bookshelf. From there the ball could look  at the whole room. From time to time it got gently cleaned and all in all it enjoyed a wonderful life. Sometimes the boy heard a very quiet sigh. It surely came from the ball and it was a sigh of happiness.