The Trojan Horse

June 12th, 2018

The Trojan Horse was one of the most famous tricks in ancient history. Why? It all began almost 3000 years ago, when the Trojans and the Greeks fought in a terrible war that lasted for ten years. The Greeks wanted to bring the beautiful princess Helena, who had been kidnapped by the Trojans, back to Greece.Troy was surrounded by very strong walls that the Greeks simply couldn’t climb. So the Greeks had to make another plan. How to get into the city when you can’t overcome the walls? And they developped a very clever idea. Perhaps the Trojans would accept a present that they would bring into their city?


So the Greeks started to build a huge wodden horse. The Trojans didn’t believe their eyes. What was that? And they even got more confused when they saw the greek armies sailing away. Soon in few days, all the warships, army tents and armies disappeared. The only thing that remained were the 80 ft tall strange wooden horse.


The King considered the horse as a present. He was warned by a priest and some other citizens that there might be something wrong about the horse. But the King was too proud of - as he thought- defeating the Greeks and simply didn’t listen. He ordered to bring the horse inside the city walls.In the evening the Trojans had a magnificent victory party until they all fell in bed – a lot of them quite drunk.


What the Trojans didn’t know was that the greek army wasn’t far away. They hit around the corner, waiting to get into the city of Troy. And they didn’t know that about 30 brave greek soldiers waited inside the horse ready to get out and fight.


Finally at night, a secret door in the belly of the horse opened and the soldiers jumped out. They surprised the guards and managed to open the wide doors of Troy to let the Greeks in.After a fierce battle  they took princess Helena back to Greece.