Think Before You Speak

July 18th, 2017

It was a sunny day and everyone in the railway station was waiting for the train to arrive. In the crowd was a group of friends making lots of noise to welcome the train as it entered the station. They ran to get their seats before anyone else could get on the train.

The empty seats were filled and a man with a young boy aged around fifteen came running to catch the train. They got on the train and it started to move. Their seats were just next to the group of friends. 

Although the boy was not a child anymore, he acted like one.  He exclaimed to his father, ‘Dad, the train is moving and everything is moving backwards.’
His father smiled and nodded his head.  As the train started moving faster, the young boy shouted out again, ‘Dad the trees are green and run backwards very fast.’ His father said, ‘Yes dear’ and smiled.  Just like a small child he watched everything with an expression of delight and wonder.

A fruit seller passed selling apples and oranges. The young boy asked his dad, ‘Please can I have an apple.’ So his father bought him an apple. He said, ‘Oh the apple tastes even sweeter than it looks ’ I love this colour red.’ 

The group was watching the boy and started to make fun of him and his joy in such simple things shouting rudely, ‘His son must be completely mad’.

The father of the boy turned to them and patiently replied to the group of friends. ‘My son was born blind. He was operated just a few days ago and got his sight back. He is seeing all of these things in his life for the very first time.’

On hearing this the young friends became very quiet and apologized to the father and his son.