Subscription price

For Schools: The price depends on the number of pupils and classes to be registered. 
For Families:  The price depends on the number of children to be registered.

For an individual price quote you can contact us on:


How to register

Please send to

For Schools the lists of pupils to be registered together with the name of their teacher and the name of the administrative person in charge at school.

For Families, please send us the name and the year of birth for each child to be registered.

We will then send you the Terms of Use to be signed and returned, together with the invoice. After payment we will send you the list of codes and user names for all registered pupils and teachers so that they can immediately start working with The Ding.

For any questions you can contact us by writing to:  

Or to:

EM Projectes Didàctics
Balmes 26
08007 Barcelona

EM Projectes Didàctics
Cretzschmarstr. 13
60487 Frankfurt